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Home Sweet Home (Furniture)


First read ALL the "General Requirements for Help" on the Who Can We Help page. You MUST meet these requirements.

If you do, then read the specific requirements below to make sure you qualify for this program.  Read everything below and you will get to the one section that indicates what information to email us.  

1. You must be in an emergency situation such as fleeing from a domestic violence situation or coming from homelessness, or prison or your furnishings were destroyed by fire. 

2. We use the government definition of homelessness and have included a summary of that at the bottom of this page. 

3. Any adult who, along with you, will be living in the apartment or house must qualify for our assistance.  

4.  Please only apply if you can provide proof of your reason for homelessness. For example: domestic violence (legal proceedings, staying at domestic violence shelter etc.) or fire damage (fire report) or homelessness (staying at homeless shelter etc).  

5. We are prohibited from assisting if furniture needs to be replaced as a result of bed bugs.

6. We can't assist if you are behind on any of your utility bills, including any past due bill from a prior residence. 

7.  All move in costs/rent/security deposit must have been paid to landlord.

8. Please note Requirement #8 on the Who Can We Help? page.  We require you to be either earning income from employment or receiving state or federal assistance for a disability of yours (not for your child).  

9. Please note we do not help with appliances. 

10. If you meet the above requirements for assistance and also those on the Who Can We Help? page, then please fill out your information by clicking here: Initial Application.

If you have any questions then just email us at  We look forward to reading your Application and doing all we can to assist you.

All our furniture is new and purchased through Alís Furniture & Appliances in Detroit. The maximum amount is $860.00 which allows for one full mattress, box spring and frame, a couch, a dining room table with two chairs, a nightstand and one lamp. Other items can be substituted if requested. 

If all of this is provided, and we feel you meet ALL the Requirements, we will email you a few more questions and list of required documents. Check your spam/junk folder on your email as sometimes our emails wind up there.    


A homeless individual is one who is staying at a homeless shelter or non-permanent housing (i.e. rehab center, hospital, certain transitional housing, coming from prison with no housing situation to return to etc.) or is living on the streets or in an abandoned building or a vehicle or in any other unstable situation. 

Please note: An individual may be considered to be homeless if they are without a stable home and are staying with a series of friends and/or family members but we will have to receive information about that situation and determine if it meets our requirement of homelessness.  It is difficult for us to supply furniture to everyone who is simply moving into a new residence and leaving the home of family members.

All of our programs also provide other forms of assistance including offering mentoring and support groups, locating housing, financial literacy help, computer and internet training, mental health counseling, referrals for job training, locating employment, negotiating with creditors, help with filling out job and employment applications and other non-economic needs that are encountered.


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