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Providing a Bridge on the Road to Success

Stories of Success
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A man who was about to start a new job was stricken with a significant illness that required a period of hospitalization. The new job was required to go to another applicant, as the prospective employer needed someone immediately for that position. The man fell behind on his rent with no income but was able to secure another job after recovering from his illness. Here to Help was able to assist on his back rent and he was able to avoid eviction.

A man was a cook at a downtown restaurant. His mother had recently passed away and given that he was the only working member of his family the cost associated with funeral expenses etc. fell on him. He subsequently needed car repairs on his vehicle as he needed reliable transportation to get to his job. His savings had been depleted due to the funeral expenses and Here to Help was able to assist him with the car repair and enable him to maintain his employment.

A young woman was working full time and going to night school. She relied on her mother for transportation but her mother suffered a stroke and was then unable to drive. At around the same time her mother’s car needed repairs but the cost of repair exceeded the value of the very old car. Here to Help was able to assist the young woman with a used vehicle, which allowed her to continue her employment and her schooling as well as to transport her mother to her doctor appointments.

A woman in her early sixties was struggling to make ends meet as though she was working three jobs her son had been murdered recently and she’d missed time at work. She’d fallen behind in her rent and would be able to pay rent on a go forward basis but needed some help getting caught up. Here to Help was able to provide assistance and she was able to remain in her apartment of the past 14 years.

A man had recently been released from prison and was part of the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative. He received education and training for a trade and was able to secure employment. He was in need of assistance with first month's rent and a security deposit for an apartment. Here to Help was able to provide assistance and he was able to continue moving forward.

A single mother and her son were the victims of a home invasion and assault. Due to the violent nature of the assault and the threat that was made, she needed to move her family from their home of over 10 years. She was employed but had missed time for work as a result of the assault. She was eventually able to save money for a down payment on a mobile home but she did not have the funding for a security deposit. Here to Help was able to pay for the security deposit and she could move in and rebuild her life.

A young man was living in a shelter and during that time was able to obtain his Certified Nursing Assistant degree through a local college. He secured employment working the night shift at a nursing home. He also obtained housing but could not afford basic furniture for his apartment. We were able to assist with his need for furniture and he was able to support himself through his employment.

A woman became involved with drugs until the point that she was convicted of a drug-related crime and sentenced to prison. She was ultimately released from prison and participated with a local non-profit's re-entry into society program. She completed everything required and was able to secure a job but needed assistance getting to and from work. She had saved some money of her own and was able to contribute towards the purchase of a vehicle. Here to Help was able to assist her in obtaining a vehicle and she was able to continue moving forward with her life.

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