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Notes of Thanks
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Thank you so much!! This means the world to me and my son!! I just told him and he hugged and kissed me. Again thank you so very much!!!!

Mr. Bob thank you so much for your help and the organization for assisting my client. This furniture purchase will assist him with overall enhanced personal stability and independence with transitioning into the community. I am happy to see that our community is really there for the homeless population. Once again I would like to thank you for your assistance.

Wow, we are so excited! This is an amazing opportunity for our client and she is ecstatic. Thank you, your organization is amazing!

Thanks again for coming out to meet me at Volunteers of America! That alone made me really made feel special....its awesome knowing that people still care about other people. God Bless you guys again and may you guys be around forever.

We are all JUMPING FOR JOY over here!!!! Thank you so so much... I am hopeful this gives them the step up they need so desperately. It's a better world with people like you and your organization in it.

She was absolutely speechless when I told her the what your email said. I don't think she is used to getting good news from agencies when she asks for help on behalf of others and it is a turn of events that she is now asking for help for herself. THANK you so much! And thank you for helping someone who has dedicated her life to helping others.

Thank you so much for helping and blessing me with my new Grand Prix car. I am truly grateful and appreciative of your tremendous generosity. Life has gotten a lot easier. Again, thank you so much!!

I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for your assistance in helping the many individuals and families being serviced by Adult Well-Being Services. The Here to Help Foundation has been instrumental in improving the lives of a number of individuals and families who come to us with specific needs. We have been able to assist them with weathering a crisis. It is good to know that there are individuals such as you who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Your kindness and generosity is so important.

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