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Providing a Bridge on the Road to Success

Our Impact on the Community

Since beginning in 2007, the Here to Help Foundation has assisted over 5000 individuals who were facing an emergency situation.

We have helped in a wide range of ways, including assisting those suffering from a fatal disease who need help with their rent arrearage now that their disability payments have started and helping individuals with furniture who were previously homeless and now moving into their first apartment.

We have helped ex-prisoners to have a fighting chance to reenter society in a productive manner and have kept the heat on for families in the middle of winter.  We have assisted people to get their car repaired so they can get to their medical appointments or get to work to continue to support their family. 

We've purchased used vehicles for those working 35 hours or more per week and assisted with work uniforms for young individuals beginning their first job. We've also helped those fleeing domestic violence situations to get into their own residence.

Click the respective icons above and you will find success stories regarding grantees we have assisted in the recent past as well as notes of thanks.

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