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Working Cars for Working People (Used Vehicles)


Read everything and you will get to the one section that indicates what information to email us now.  Do not email anything UNLESS it is specifically asked for! Read everything on this page before doing anything further.

1.  You MUST be working at least 35 hours per week and have pay stubs from the prior four weeks.  PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE WORKING AT LEAST THIS MANY HOURS PER WEEK AND FOR AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS. It must be 35 hours or more and, if we offer you an Application, we will request your pay stubs for documentation.  

2.  You have to be working at a permanent job and a vehicle is needed to get to and from employment.  

3. Please do not apply if you have another working vehicle available to you at present, though if your current car is about to stop working and is not worth the cost of repair then please let us know.  If we offer an Application, we will need to see an estimate of cost to repair from a licensed repair shop.

4.  You must currently be working and cannot be off on medical leave from your job or about to go on leave for any reason.  

5.  A. The job cannot be self-employment (including as independent contractor) unless you can establish through prior tax records that you are paying all required taxes and quarterly estimates of your income.

     B. The job cannot be as a home health aide who is employed by the State of Michigan. 

6.  The pay stubs must contain your name, the total hours, dates the pay stub covers, the pay rate, YTD totals, taxes, Social Security, deductions etc. Unfortunately, we have received fraudulent pay stubs in the past so we need this information to assist in verifying the pay stub.

7.  The job cannot be temporary or seasonal, including working for a staffing agency.  We know that some temporary staffing positions lead to permanent employment, but please only apply when the job becomes permanent and NOT when it is still temporary.  Additionally, you can't be employed provisionally, awaiting final confirmation after you pass a certain period of time or waiting for the permanent hire-in date.  It must currently be a permanent, fully employed position.

8. You must be able to show that you have enough net monthly income to afford a used vehicle. It must be your income at the present time. We can't help if you believe a vehicle would allow you to work more hours or overtime or get a second job and earn more income.

Car expenses would include: 

A. Gas - this will be a minimum of about $70.00 per month just driving 15 miles per day.  Most people drive much more than this per day and the anticipated cost is much higher.

B. Monthly expenses for repairs and routine maintenance, which will be a minimum of $100.00 per month.  This would go towards your savings each month for future repairs or maintenance or go towards those repair costs that you had to pay on the car for that particular month.

C. Car insurance - This is unfortunately very expensive in Detroit where it usually ranges from $280-$310 per month.  Your driving record, your age, whether you have had insurance recently and where you live will determine your insurance cost.  If you have any questions regarding how much insurance will cost you then have an insurance company give you an estimate for insurance on a 2003 Buick Century with Vehicle Identification Number: 2G4WS52J931262918 as it will give you the general cost of insurance for the type of vehicle we may provide to you.

There is also the cost for an annual license, registration fees etc.

D. Also, you have to show that you are independent and living on your own and fully paying ALL routine living expenses/bills. We can't assist if you are living at home or with others and your name is not on the lease and other monthly bills. Similarly, you can't be receiving governmental assistance with your rent as that amount will change in the future. Again, you must be able to show that you are completely independent and fully living on your own and can afford to pay all your monthly bills, without help, and will be able to also afford the costs associated with owning a used vehicle. We will require a copy of your current rental lease or mortgage agreement to establish you are living on your own.

E. Please be aware that the main reason car requests are denied is due to lack of adequate monthly income. If you are working in the range of minimum wage then we will likely not be able to assist you as this rate will not allow one to afford the costs associated with a used vehicle. 

9.  Two more requirements. First, you cannot be living a close distance to work, where your commute is within walking distance or a short bus ride.  Secondly, if you are currently financing a car that you can longer afford we need to see that the payments you still owe on that vehicle have been completely resolved.  We can't provide a used vehicle to if you currently owe money on another vehicle.  If the car has been repossessed you still owe on the contract.


A. Please provide the following: name, phone number, complete address, email address, date of birth and that you are interested in the Working Cars for Working People program.

B. Please state you have read and you meet ALL the "General Requirements for Help" on the Who Can We Help page. 

C. Please state that you have read and you meet ALL the above "Requirements for Assistance" for the Working Cars for Working People program.

D. Please answer where you work (address), the name of the company, how many hours per week you work and your net pay (after taxes/deductions) per four weeks or per pay period (indicate that pay period is for a week or for two weeks).  Again, this is your NET pay (take home pay). 

E. Please state how much you earn per hour of work (hourly rate of pay).  

F. Please provide just a couple of sentences regarding why you need help with the purchase of a car. Please include why you are unable to afford to purchase a used vehicle and how you will be able to save each month to pay for car repairs, maintenance, car insurance and gas. Please also answer how your are currently getting to and from work.

G. Lastly, help us establish that you cannot presently afford to purchase a car by telling us THE TOTAL AMOUNT of ALL your monthly bills/expenses (for example: rent, food, phone, heat, gas, water, electricity, cable, day care, medical costs, loan payments, toiletries, clothing and ANYTHING else)  Include everything BUT current transportation costs. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT! WHAT YOU TELL US WILL HELP US CONFIRM YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO CURRENTLY PURCHASE A CAR WITHOUT OUR HELP. INCLUDE EVERYTHING OR WE MAY CONCLUDE YOU MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO SAVE FOR YOUR OWN PURCHASE OF A CAR. THERE IS NO OPPORTUNITY TO TELL US LATER THAT YOU FORGOT TO TELL US SOME BILLS/EXPENSES.  YOUR COMPLETE ANSWER WILL ASSIST US IN DETERMINING IF WE CAN SEND YOU AN APPLICATION.  

H. How did you find out about Here to Help?

I. Please note, we are required to run a background check and this will reveal liens and judgements that you owe as well as car ownership/registration etc. at present.  


Check your spam/junk folder for our reply as sometimes our emails wind up there.

11.  The maximum amount of assistance we provide for the purchase of a used vehicle is $3000.00. We only purchase our cars through the Volunteers of America (VOA) used vehicle lot (located at 618 East Walton Blvd. in Pontiac). There is no loan involved as it is a complete purchase of a used vehicle costing $3,000 or less. That amount covers fees, plate etc. You must be able to afford car insurance, which will be required to drive the vehicle off of the lot at VOA.  Please DO NOT apply at the present time if you will be unable to afford this car insurance. 



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