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Please provide a detailed list of all sources and amounts of monthly income for all members of the applicantís household.  
If applicant is currently working, please provide the name of the company and the phone number of the applicantís supervisor. Please fax the last four weeks of pay stubs. If applicant is not working, please state why not and provide any prior work history. If not working because of a disability, the applicant must provide documentation that governmental benefits are being received for the disability.  
Please provide an extremely detailed answer regarding what caused the applicantís need for assistance and how the applicant will be self-sufficient in the future if our help is provided. We cannot stress enough that this answer needs to be as thorough as possible. This is the applicantís one chance to tell us everything about their emergency situation and an insufficient answer will result in a denial of the request. Please click here for an example of a detailed answer.  
Click on the category of your request to review all the documentation that must be faxed (or emailed in a single PDF document) at the time the application is submitted:  
Used Vehicles
Rent/Security Deposit
Car Repair

Information Regarding the Applicant  
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Last name  
Phone number  
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Wayne Oakland
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The required documents must be faxed (or scanned and emailed in a SINGLE PDF document) at the time the Application is submitted (fax 248-534-1490). Otherwise the Application will be deleted.

Our response time is dependent on how many applications we are working on at a given time but we make all efforts to initially respond within 48 hours. Please check your spam/junk mail folder if you believe you did not receive a response.

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