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Providing a Bridge on the Road to Success


Since we began, Here to Help has done a lot of work with returning citizens as they begin the process of successfully moving forward. 

One of the difficulties, amongst many impediments towards success that must be overcome, is that returning citizens have limited resources to obtain basic necessities to comfortably live independently.

Here to Help has assisted returning citizens through our other programs such as furniture through our Home Sweet Home program; paying first month’s rent or security deposit through our Roof Over Head program; or providing used vehicles to get to work in our Working Cars for Working People program etc.  But we felt there was more we can do. 

So we formalized the Returning Hope to Returning Citizens program based on assistance we had provided over the years to returning citizens, including providing clothes and basic home furnishings (i.e. dishes, cooking utensils, pots/pans, pillows, bed sheets/blankets, towels, silverware, microwave, etc.). Anything needed to assist someone in making a residence as comfortable and complete as possible.   

We also provide assistance with work tools/clothing once someone secures a job requiring those items.

If you or someone you know is a returning citizen and in need of assistance through this program, or any of our other programs, then simply click here to apply:


If you have any questions as you fill out the Application then just email us at:

We also are able to offer additional assistance, including paying for job certification expenses, assisting with job placement and locating housing, negotiating with landlords, offering financial literacy help and mentoring and support groups, and engaging as a referral source for other organizations that assist returning citizens with job training, record expungement, mental health care etc.  


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