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Road Ready Repairs (Car Repairs)


First read ALL the "General Requirements for Help" on the Who Can We Help page and make certain you meet these requirements.

If so, then read the specific requirements below to make sure you qualify for this program.  Read everything below and you will get to the one section that indicates what information to email us now. 

Read everything on this page before doing anything further.

1.   With car repairs, our maximum grant is $800.00. 

So, if your estimate of repair from a licensed mechanic is more than that, and you or other sources can't pay the amount over $800.00, then don't apply right now.

2.   The vehicle must be registered in your name.

3.  You must be able to show that you will be able to afford future car repairs and car maintenance.

4.   If the car is being financed the bill payment must be up to date.  You can't be behind in your car payment.

5. We can't help with: Body damage not affecting the ability of the car to be driven nor with tires and tire related expenses. 

6. We will require an estimate of repair from the licensed car repair business that will be doing the repair. Please do not apply before you have the estimate.

7.    Again, we would require anything above our maximum of $800.00 to be paid first before we could assist. The entire bill must be paid now, so please do not apply if you plan to have a payment plan in place for the remainder of the bill above our maximum.

8.    We cannot assist with repairs if the car was purchased within the prior few months as you would have or should have had the car checked out by a mechanic at the time of purchase.  

We also can't assist with a car that has too many miles or is too old and will need many repairs in the future to keep running. Each situation is unique and will determined by us in evaluating the car in question.

9.  We can't help with the requested repairs unless all the repairs needed will be accomplished now. We can't partially repair the car and then have it shortly break down because some additional repairs needed to be done.  Also, please donít apply if the repairs have already been paid for and you are seeking reimbursement.  We cannot become involved at that point. 

Lastly, if the repairs have been completed and paid for and you are seeking reimbursement for your payment, we cannot be of assistance.

10. If you meet the above requirements for assistance and also those on the Who Can We Help? page, then please fill out your information by clicking here: Initial Application.

If you have any questions then just email us at  We look forward to reading your Application and doing all we can to assist you.    


All of our programs also provide other forms of assistance including offering mentoring and support groups, locating housing, financial literacy help, computer and internet training, mental health counseling, referrals for job training, locating employment, negotiating with creditors, help with filling out job and employment applications and other non-economic needs that are encountered.

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