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Road Ready Repairs (Car Repairs)


First read ALL the "General Requirements for Help" on the Who Can We Help page and make certain you meet these requirements. If so, then read the specific requirements below to make sure you qualify for this program.  Read everything below and you will get to the one section that indicates what information to email us now.  Do not email anything UNLESS it is specifically asked for! Read everything on this page before doing anything further.

1.   With car repairs, our maximum grant is $800.00.

2.   If your bill is more than $800.00 right now, and you or other sources can't pay the amount over $800.00, then don't apply right now. 

3.  You must be able to show that you will be able to afford future car repairs and car maintenance.

4. We must establish that, at the present time, due to your unanticipated emergency situation you are unable to afford the current repair.   

5.   We cannot assist with the purchase of tires or repairing body damage that does not affect the ability of the car to be driven.

6.    We will require an estimate of repair from the licensed car repair business that will be doing the repair. 

7.    We would require anything above our maximum to be paid first before we could assist. You pay, then we pay.

8.    We cannot assist with repairs if the car was purchased within the six weeks as you would have or should have had the car checked out by a mechanic at the time of purchase and these repairs would have been required to be made by the seller before you purchased the vehicle. We also can't assist with a car that has too many miles or is too old and will need many repairs in the future to keep running.

9.  We cannot assist with the requested repairs if there are additional repairs that are also recommended to be made at the present time.  We can't repair the car and then have it shortly break down because some additional repairs needed to be fixed right now. 

10.   Okay, you are almost done. Once you read requirement #7 below then you must send an email with all of the following to: Email at Here to Help Foundation

You MUST include ALL of the following specific information:

A. Your name, phone number and that you are interested in the Road Ready Repairs program. Please also answer who referred you to Here to Help or how you found out about us.

B. You must write that you have read and you meet ALL the "General Requirements for Help" on the Who Can We Help page. 

C. You must write that you have read and you meet ALL the "Requirements for Assistance" for the Road Ready Repairs program.

D. Please also provide information regarding why you need assistance with car repair costs, how much is owed, what repairs are required, car's year, mileage and make and model, whether you own or you finance the car and how you will pay for any amount above our maximum of $800. 

E. Please state how you will be able to pay for repair costs in the future. If your answer would be "I will save from my income" then we need to know why you couldn't save in the past and will now be able to save. Similarly you can't answer "I will get a second job or I will pick up more hours at work or I will obtain more disability benefits" as we can't prove that this will occur.  It has to be based on your current sources of income. 

F. Please state your net income (after payroll taxes, deductions etc. - what is your take home pay) per month and the source of that income (employment, disability benefits etc.).   

G. Lastly, please also state the TOTAL amount of your monthly expenses (for a four week period and including, for example: rent, food, phone, heat, gas, water, electricity, cable, day care, medical costs, loan payments, car costs including insurance, toiletries, clothing etc.)  DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT! If car insurance is paid for six months or a year at a time then provide the amount paid and for how many months.  Again, state the total amount for all monthly expenses. 

Do not supply any information other than which is requested above. If all the specific information above is provided then we will email you our Application questions and a list of required documents.  Please check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our email winds up in there. 

If all of this is provided, and we feel you meet ALL the Requirements, we will email you the Application questions and list of required documents. Check your spam/junk folder on your email as sometimes our emails wind up there.  

Please note: At times we are swamped with reviewing Applications and cannot accept any more until we are caught up.  We will advise you by email if this is one of those times.  

Also, make sure you have read in detail Requirement #9 on the Who Can We Help? Page.

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