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Providing a Bridge on the Road to Success

Stories of Success
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A woman was residing in a homeless shelter and was able to secure employment working the midnight shift as a janitor at an office building. She was utilizing public transportation and the busses were often unreliable, causing her to be late for her job. She was saving money to obtain housing and needed a vehicle to assist her getting to her job on time and not putting her employment in jeopardy. Here to Help was able to supply a used vehicle. She was able to maintain her employment and was able to ultimately move out of the shelter and into her own residence.

A man, who was a college graduate and had been working full time for many years, was laid off from his job and was unable to find another job before his unemployment benefits ran out. He was unable to pay the mortgage on his home, which eventually went into foreclosure. He became homeless and sought assistance at a local shelter. He then secured employment and saved some money to contribute towards the first month's rent and security deposit on an apartment. We were able to assist on the remainder of the rent and the full payment for the security deposit. He was able to move from the shelter and finally become self-supporting and independent again.

A woman who had been a foster child and was now attending community college had been able to secure part time employment working for a catering company. She did not have the necessary money to purchase the required uniform and shoes for the job and we were able to assist her in that capacity.

A woman had fled a domestic violence situation and was staying with her friend when the family of her abuser smashed all the windows and the windshield on her vehicle. She was unable to use the vehicle to get to work and could not afford to replace the broken glass. Here to Help was able to assist in getting her car repaired and she could use her wages to go towards her first month's rent and security deposit at the new residence she was able to locate.

A young man was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and began using a walker, while also having trouble with blurred vision and incontinence. After a period of treatment his condition improved and he able to return to the work force. He secured two part time jobs and was in need of transportation to be able to timely get to his jobs. Here to Help was able to assist with a used vehicle and he was also able to pick up more hours at one of his jobs so that it became a full time position. He was able to be independent and self-supportive with his employment.

A woman had recently been released from prison and was making all efforts to reunite with her children. She was able to obtain a full time job and began employment but was without a vehicle and was forced to rely on friends and the bus system. She needed a car of her own that would not only assist her in getting to and from her employment but would also allow her greater opportunities at work. Here to Help was able to assist her with a used vehicle and she was able to continue with her job, gain custody of her children and remain independent.

A man had been homeless for over two years after losing his job and ultimately no longer able to afford his residence. He lived either on the streets or in shelters until his time at the latter had elapsed and he needed to move on. He was able to obtain a housing voucher to assist with his rent and utilities. He moved into an apartment but for three months he had no furniture at all as he slept on the floor. He sought assistance from Here to Help for furniture and we were able to supply a bed, dining room table, lamps and a couch and he was also able to ultimately secure a job.

A young woman was in community college and had been living with her father in an apartment but he passed away unexpectedly. She was having difficulty making the rent payment but received an increase in hours at her employment that would enable her to earn enough money to afford her rent. However, she had fallen behind in rent and was facing eviction. Here to Help was able to provide the money for the back rent and she was able to maintain the apartment and keep moving forward. She was able to continue her schooling and maintain her full time job and timely pay her rent.

A young married couple encountered unexpected hardship when the husband came down with a debilitating illness that left him unable to work and in an extremely weakened condition. He was able to eventually secure disability payments but she had missed significant time from her job due to his illness and they had fallen behind on their car payment and their vehicle was about to be repossessed. Here to Help was able to assist with the back payments and between her wages and his monthly disability payment they would be able to meet all their future monthly obligations.

A woman was battling cancer and had to retire from her job as a Detroit public school teacher. She was approved for disability payments but they would not begin for two more months and she was in danger of both losing her vehicle. Here to Help was able to assist with her arrearage on her car payments and pay for the ensuing two months of payments. She was thus able to remain independent until the next month when her disability payments began and she would remain self-sufficient thereafter.

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