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Providing a Bridge on the Road to Success

Who Can We Help?


Here to Help is very unique as we solely and directly assist people in need. 

Our programs also provide non-economic services of help, much of which is listed on our Home Page.

There are specific IRS requirements which applicants must meet for us to help.

In general, Here to Help can assist temporarily impoverished individuals facing an unexpected emergency and who can't presently afford the basic necessities of life.  We deal with situational poverty; a lack of money due to a sudden and temporary event. 

An applicant must meet ALL the General Requirements below to qualify for help:

1. You must be living full time in Wayne or Oakland County and have a Michigan Driverís License or a State of Michigan issued ID Card with your current address.  If you are moving, then your current address AND your new residence must be in Wayne or Oakland County. 

2. Our help cannot be a temporary solution to the problem. For example, we can't pay back rent if you won't be able to pay next month's rent.  You must show that, after our help, you'll be able to pay all your future monthly expenses etc. 

3.  You cannot be the cause or a contributing cause to your own emergency. Your current need must have arisen from circumstances completely outside of your control (for example, you canít have loaned money to someone and now seek our help to pay for your car repair because you have no funds; or needing rent help because you paid off your illegal parking tickets or you need a car because you recently purchased one without having it checked out and it needed costly repairs etc.).

4. Unfortunately, the #3 requirement above includes that we are prohibited from assisting where a pregnancy or birth of a child caused a loss of income for you and was a contributing factor to your need of help.  Similarly, if you are currently pregnant we have to have documentation from your employer that you will be paid at least 70% of your wages while you are off on maternity leave. 

5.  You must be able to provide a police report if you state that a crime caused your current emergency need.

6. We are a one time only resource.  We can only assist with one type of help and on one occasion. 

7. We can't get involved if there is a dispute between you and another entity regarding who was the cause of the emergency and who should be responsible for your current emergency need. For example, if your landlord is responsible for fixing something at your residence that has caused your utility bill to significantly increase the dispute is between you and your landlord and we canít become involved. Similarly, for example, if there is an issue with your monthly Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid payments that is between you and them and we canít become involved.

8. You must currently be receiving sufficient income from employment or from Social Security Disability payments (not short term employment disability), pension, or via Social Security retirement benefits. Your current income must be more than your monthly expenses (what you are receiving over the prior four weeks before you apply with Here to Help). 

If you are not receiving Social Security Disability or Social Security Retirement Benefits you must be employed and have received pay stubs for the prior four weeks at your current job.  

The job cannot be temporary nor can it be through a staffing or employment agency. Additionally the employment canít be via the State of Michigan as a Home Health Aide/Home Chore or Child Care Provider. 

If you are incapable of working due to a disability then you must be receiving SSD or SSI directly for your disability. It must be you that is receiving any benefits and not those that your child is receiving or a relative you may be caring for etc. 

9.  If you meet all the above requirements then choose which of our emergency Programs meets your need and follow the instructions on that page.  Click here for: PROGRAMS OF ASSISTANCE 


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