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Working Cars for Working People (Used Vehicles)


First read ALL the "General Requirements for Help" on the Who Can We Help page. You MUST meet these requirements.

If you do, then read the specific requirements below to make sure you qualify for this program. 

1. It is great that you are working.  To qualify for this program, You Must be working at least 35 or more hours per week. There are not exceptions to this requirement.

YOU ALSO MUST HAVE BEEN working at least FOUR weeks at your CURRENT job with pay stubs for that time FRAME.  All pay stubs must show At Least 35 hours per week for actual working hours and not for vacation time or sick time etc.

2.  The job must be permanent and not seasonal or temporary. If the job is through a staffing agency that may turn into a permanent position then that's wonderful and we hope to help when the time comes you become a permanent employee. 

3.  If you are self-employed or an independent contractor, we will need to see current pay checks as well as your last two years of income tax returns and that you are paying quarterly estimated taxes.    

4.  The pay stubs must contain your name, the total hours, dates the pay stub covers, the pay rate, YTD totals, paycheck deductions (Social Security, Medicare, State Income Tax, Federal Income Tax) etc. We cannot except anything else. 

5.  Your utility bills  and your rent must be up to date in payment.

6.  If you are six or more months pregnant, then please apply when you are ready to return to work after your child’s birth. 

7.  If you are going through any bankruptcy proceedings then please wait until that is completed.  Also, if you were financing a car that was repossessed or was totaled in an accident, we need to see that you have resolved that loan as you remain responsible to pay until the car loan is paid off.

8. You must be able to show that you presently have enough net monthly income, from employment wages, to afford a used vehicle.  If you are earning in the range of minimum wage then we may not be able to assist as this pay rate will not allow you to afford the expenses associated with a used vehicle.  

Car expenses would include: 

A. Gas 

B.  $50-$100.00 to go toward your savings each month for future car repairs or maintenance.

C. Car insurance -Basic no fault coverage usually ranges anywhere from $180.00 - $275.00 per month depending on your driving record, age, whether you had insurance recently, your Zip Code etc.  If you have any questions regarding how much insurance will cost you, then get a cost estimate on a 2006 Pontiac  and VIN 2G2WP552261252704. This will provide you a good idea of the insurance cost for the type of car we purchase for our clients.

D. You must be independent and living on your own and FULLY paying all routine living expenses/bills including all of the rent and all of the utilities etc. You can't be living in a living situation with low rent/no utility bills (or limited expense) etc. Your name must also be on the lease or mortgage contract and utilities in your name. 

Similarly, it is often difficult for us to help with a car purchase if you are receiving any assistance with your rent (such as a Section 8 voucher etc.) as this amount will change in the future depending on your income.  But don't let that stop you from applying as each situation is unique.

9.  Lastly, you cannot be living a close distance to work where your commute is within walking distance or a short bus ride nor can there be in your household another working vehicle that is available to you.

10. If you meet the above requirements for assistance and also those on the Who Can We Help? page, then please fill out your information by clicking here: Initial Application.

If you have any questions then just email us at
We look forward to reading your Application and doing all we can to assist you.
11. The maximum amount of assistance we provide for the purchase of a used vehicle is $3000.00. We only purchase our cars through the Volunteers of America (VOA) used vehicle lot (located at 618 East Walton Blvd. in Pontiac). There is no loan involved as it is a complete purchase of a used vehicle costing $3,000 or less. That amount covers fees, plate etc. You must be able to afford car insurance, which will be required to drive the vehicle off of the lot at VOA. 

Please DO NOT apply at the present time if you will be unable to afford car insurance.

Also, if you have some savings you can contribute up to $500 towards the purchase of a car that costs more than our maximum of $3,000.

All of our programs also provide other forms of assistance including offering mentoring and support groups, locating housing, financial literacy help, computer and internet training, mental health counseling, referrals for job training, locating employment, negotiating with creditors, help with filling out job and employment applications and other non-economic needs that are encountered. 



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